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Repairs For You

Are you having trouble with your smartphone's poor functionality? Bring it over to Electrode Repairs for cellPhone repair in Newcastle, OK. The brand and model of the device don't matter. Only what matters is that it is repairable.

Electrode Repairs | Cellphone Repairs

We repair smartphones every day, where we fix a wide variety of issues including but not limited to:

CellPhone Screen Replacement

Is your device all messy and bad-looking on the front? Bring it over, and let us provide you with the best solution to your problem in the shape of a cellPhone screen repair service. Get our services and say goodbye to broken panels and front glasses.

Best CellPhone Battery Repair

The bad battery health of your smartphone can cause bad screen times. Bring your phone to us, and let us provide you with the best cellPhone battery replacement service. We ensure you will get the longest working hours it can provide you with.

Reliable CellPhone Water Damage Repair

Has your device been underwater for longer than it can withstand? We are here with our cellPhone water damage repair service to ensure a healthy and long-lasting life for your smart device.

Secure CellPhone Charge Port Repair

Is your samsung phone having issues connecting to the charger or other peripheral devices?

CellPhone Camera Replacement

Are you seeing blurry and out-of-focus pictures and video output of your smartphone? Get our cellPhone camera repair service. Don't worry about having to buy a new phone to get the high-quality output it is supposed to give you.

Trustworthy CellPhone Data Recovery

We are here for you if you have lost your important files, folders, pictures, or videos. Get our cellPhone or iPhone data recovery service and restore your smartphone’s important data. You need not to fear about losing your data ever again.

Electrode Repairs | Why People Trust Our Services

Our repair services are unmatched. There are some points that make us stand out from the rest of the repair service providers in Newcastle, OK.

  • Same Day Repairs: We fix most of the device issues the same day.
  • 90 Days Warranty: To give you additional peace of mind. We provide a 90-day hassle-free warranty.
  • Quick Diagnostics: Our technicians are very trained, hence figuring out issues rapidly.
  • Premium Replacement Parts: The replacement parts we use are of the utmost high-end top quality.

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Contact us now through our website or phone call. You can also visit us in-store and get a quote for your smartphone repair process. As soon as we get your response, we will get started on your personalized fixing service.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Katherine Hanley

    Excellent customer service, very friendly! He fixed the front and back of my daughter's phone really fast! We will definitely be back if we need future repairs.

  • R Pagan

    I have an IPad that decided to act crazy, then lock up and stop working. Nick was a life-saver! He got it working, so I could access the data I needed so I was able to save it elsewhere. The IPad seems to be working fine, now, but at least I'm prepared for if/when it bites the dust permanently! He was very knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend him and Electrode Repairs!

  • Jase Iker

    Great phone and computer repair store to go to when you need to get your devices fixed. Nich is extremely helpful in repairing iPhone and Computers. Service was fast and cheap.

  • Pat Hamilton

    This guy is fantastic I would recommend him to anyone with phone or computer issues


1. I am from Newcastle, OK; any recommendations for a trusted place for my Cellphone repair?

Electrode Repair is the most reliable store for cellphone repair in Newcastle, OK. Bring your phone over and get it fixed ASAP.

2. What is the cost of a Cellphone back glass replacement?

Repair costs at Electrode Repairs are very minimal. The actual cost of repair depends on the price of replacement parts needed for the repair process.

3. Do I need to back up my device before coming for repair services?

It is always advised to have a thorough backup of your files and data before giving away your device for repair services. If you can’t backup your data, ask our technicians to help you out. Normally, they take extra care while repairing a device to ensure no data is lost in the process.