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Gaming Console Repair in Newcastle, OK

Looking for gaming console repair in Newcastle, OK? We at Electrode Repairs have everything you need to get your consoles revamped and restored to their former glory. Head over to our store with faulty gadgets and leave with a properly working gadget.

Your Device, Our Repair Services

Our store is known to provide the best gaming console repair services in your area. Be it any issue with your gaming system, we can diagnose and fix it.

Gaming Controller Connectivity Problem

If your controller is not connecting to your console. Come to our store and get our gaming console controller repairs, where we fix issues with your controller not communicating with your gadget.

Gaming Console Power Supply Issue

Is your console having difficulty booting due to uneven current and voltage supply? The issue might not be with the cables. Get our gaming console power supply replacement and repair service to take care of such issues.

Gaming Console HDMI Port Repair

Do you see glitchy and interrupted graphics output of your Xbox or PS4? The issue might be with its ports. Get our gaming console HDMI replacement service to ensure a seamless and high-definition output of your system.

Gaming Console USB Port Repair

A malfunctioning port on the console is not a fun thing to experience. Let our technical experts have a look into what can be done to fix such inconveniences through our gaming console USB port replacement service.

Gaming Console Hard Disk Repair

Is your console showing signs of a failing hard disk? Don't worry. Bring it over to our store and get our gaming console hard drive repair service. We have the necessary tools and expertise to upgrade your console's hardware components, such as RAM, graphics card, processor, and storage, for improved performance.

Gaming Console Overheat Repair

Is your console overheating and causing issues with gameplay? Or are you hearing the sounds of your console's exhaust fan running at high RPMs? Or do you see your system suddenly dying due to heat? Get our gaming console overheating repair service and cool it down a notch.

Why Electrode Repairs For Gaming System Repairs

Our repair store has some factors that make sure that your experience with our fixing services is the most fluent and seamless.

  • Quick We provide high-quality repair services at a quick turnaround time.
  • Repair Warranty: We give a 90-day hassle-free warranty on our repairs
  • Diagnostics: Our technicians get to the root cause of your problems.
  • High-Quality Fixes: : Replacement parts that we utilize are of the highest quality.

Get in Touch

Get a quote through our website, call us or visit our store and begin your gaming console repair process. Contact us to take care of any confusion you may have in such regards.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Katherine Hanley

    Excellent customer service, very friendly! He fixed the front and back of my daughter's phone really fast! We will definitely be back if we need future repairs.

  • R Pagan

    I have an IPad that decided to act crazy, then lock up and stop working. Nick was a life-saver! He got it working, so I could access the data I needed so I was able to save it elsewhere. The IPad seems to be working fine, now, but at least I'm prepared for if/when it bites the dust permanently! He was very knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend him and Electrode Repairs!

  • Jase Iker

    Great phone and computer repair store to go to when you need to get your devices fixed. Nich is extremely helpful in repairing iPhone and Computers. Service was fast and cheap.

  • Pat Hamilton

    This guy is fantastic I would recommend him to anyone with phone or computer issues


1. Where can I get my gaming console repair service?

Electrode Repairs Store provides the best and most professional gaming console repair in Newcastle, OK. We excel in fixing every type of issue with PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and XBOX. Get a quote now and fix your system issues.

2. What could be the cause of my PS not turning on?

There could be a couple of reasons for your system to do this. One of the major issues we have seen with PS5 is a faulty power button. Come to us and get our PlayStation not turning on repair service.

3. Why is my XBOX lagging?

If your XBOX is running slow, bring it to our store and let our technicians see what the issue is with it. Normally, a simple cleaning service fixes this problem. We will let you know if there is something else that needs fixing.